Advanced Neural Networks and Deep Learning 

AA 2020/2021, Milano Leonardo (Matteo Matteucci, Giacomo Boracchi)

Thesis Opportunities related to Image Analysis / Processing, Computer Vision (Slides);

Research Stage Opportunities (STMicrolectronics, Fondazione Don Gnocchi) (Slides);

Drop me an email if you want to hear about these or latest opportunities!

Course Website on  Prof. Matteucci' homepage;

The Image Classification Problem  Slides Recording 2 ;

Convolutional Neural Networks  Slides, Recording ;

CNN Training, Transfer Learning and Visualization. Fully Convolutional CNN.  Slides; Recording First Lecture (28/10), Recording Second Lecture (29/10)

Convolutional Neural Networks for Semantic Segmentation Slides  Recording ;

Convolutional Neural Networks for Localization and Object Detection SlidesRecording

Generative Adversarial Networks SlidesRecording

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