Thesis & Stage Opportunities

Thesis related to Image Analysis & Processing, Machine Learning for Health, Change Detection (Slides updated on February 2021);

Research stage opportunities (and thesis in collaboration with companies) are at the end of the above slides

Drop me an email if you want to hear about these or latest opportunities!


AA 2020/2021

Learning Sparse Representation for Image And Signal Modeling (Milano Leonardo, PhD course) Materials

Informatica A , Ingegneria Matematica (Milano Leonardo): Materiali Calendario

Informatica (ICMR, Lecco) Materiali Calendario

Image Analysis and Computer Vision (IACV) (Milano Leonardo) Materiali

Advanced Neural Networks and Deep Learning (AN2DL) (Milano Leonardo) Materiali


Past Courses

Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (USI, Lugano) Materiali

Online Learning and Monitoring (Milano, PhD Course with Franceco Trovo') Materiali

Machine Learning For Non-Matrix Data (Lecco, PhD Course with guest speakers) Materiali

Short Course on Learning Sparse Representation for Image And Signal Modeling (Tampere University, PhD course) Materials

Advances In Deep Learning With Applications In Text And Image Processing, PhD course organized with Matteo Matteucci (DEIB) and Alessandro Giusti (IDSIA, Lugano) in Polimi Milano Leonardo, February - March 2019. Materials, Detailed Program

Informatica B (Milano Bovisa): Materiali Calendario

Image Classification: Modern Approaches (Milano Leonardo, PhD course, February 2018) Materiali